Tolmin–Nova Gorica

This trail leaves the town of Tolmin at the area of the confluence of rivers Soča and Tolminka, which in summer turns into a popular festival stage, and continues along the cycling trail along the Lake Most na Soči.


After visiting the cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica you will cross the river Isonzo and continue cycling along the Italian territory across the southern outskirts of the Goriška Brda region which is in Italy called Collio del Friuli and includes the hilly area with villages located on smaller risings and is no longer divided by the national border.


This trail follows the symbols of the Venetian Slovenia, river Nadiža and the dominant Mt. Matajur, along the main of the Natisone valleys which connects the city of Cividale with the Soča valley and allows you to admire the temple on Stara Gora on your right side.


In spite of its difficult road climb to the ridge of Mt. Kolovrat above the river Soča, this tour is appropriate for various cyclists with at least some strength in their legs.


The trail to the Kožbanski kot valley starts in the heart of the Goriška brda region from where it leads north along the mountain ridge of Mt. Korada.

Breginjski kot

At the foothills of Mt. Stol, the trail slowly ascends through numerous villages towards the village of Breginj which was once considered the pearl of the Veneto-Slovenian architecture.


It leads past the Virje and Boka waterfalls, along the emerald beauty Soča, through the confluence and gorges of rivers Soča and Koritnica, and past the Bovec airport and the World War I Outdoor Museum. All along the way, this trail allows you to admire the Julian Mountains like Mt. Kanin, Mt. Rombon and also Mt. Triglav.

Kobarid via Nadiža

From the Nadiža gorges, the trail leads to the natural bathing spot near the village of Robič which is a true paradise for bathers, as the river Nadiža is one of the warmest Alpine rivers

Šentviška planota

The plateau with its widespread network of smooth gravel and paved roads surrounded with carefully cultivated meadows and distinctive Karst phenomena is most certainly appropriate even for less experienced cyclists.


Except for a short gravel road section, the circular cycling tour across the Banjška planota plateau (700 m and higher), or the subalpine pearl as this plateau is also called, follows the winding paved roads.

Cividale via Corno

This wine-cycling trail will take you to the lowland parts around the Rocca Bernarda Castle and Wine Cellar which, along with the Rosazzo abbey, dominates over the wine-growing hills south of the city of Cividale.

Cividale via Dolegna

The tour along the wine roads around the village of Prepotto, where the authentic grape varieties like Friulano and Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso are grown, offers splendid views of the terrace cultivated vineyard hills.


The ascend alone offers splendid views over the Bovec basin and of the Kanin mountain range, whilst the arrival to the ridge of Mt. Stol past the Božca mountain pasture represents a truly unforgettable experience.

Vojsko via Hudournik

Resia via Pust Gost

As the experienced backcountry cyclists can say, this is one of the best tours in the area of the Western Julian Alps.

Mt. pasture Razor

You will ascend towards the renowned Kobala paragliding take-off and then cycle across the Tolmin mountain pastures. The last of the mountain pastures, Razor, just calls for a longer stop before descending back to the valley.

Baška grapa via Možic

The joyful ride along the ascending old military mule trails allows you to observe numerous scattered remnants of the old border which are a good reason to make a stop.


This demanding yet memorable connecting trail between the town of Kobarid and the city of Cividale which leads across the top of Mt. Matajur, the symbol of the Venetian Slovenia has been attracting even the most demanding mountain bikers for quite some time now.

Čepovanski dol - Trnovski gozd

Tribil Superiore

Karst via Mt. Trstelj

Vipava valley via sv. Martin